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Chances are, you have a massive money gap.

What’s the difference between the money you’re making now and the money you could be making?

That’s your money gap.

Your lead gen pieces, sales pages, and email sequences are typically the bottlenecks in your marketing funnel (and, consequently, your cash flow).  You need to get those pieces into triage, STAT.

Good copy is more than just good writing.  It is the right message to the right avatar selling the right offer.  To get there takes equal parts data analytics and neuroscience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a technologist, coach, or public speaker.  If you want to close your money gap and maximize your earnings, the best place to start is with better copy.

Where do you get that?  Right here. 


Your business could generate more qualified leads online so you can close the money gap and make what you deserve.

I’m Kari Matthews, and I work with tech companies, service providers, and trainers/speakers to create copy and messaging that resonates with the right avatar.

Your Copy Should Light Up the
Synapses in Your Readers’ Brains

You don’t just need copy that reads well.  Lots of copywriters create pieces that sound good, but don’t convert.

Neuroscience principles, when applied to copywriting, make the difference between copy that sounds nice and copy that makes sales.

We’ll use science step your copy up so your readers are mesmerized, intrigued, and sold on you.

Content Is King,
Context Is Queen,
Data Makes an Empire

Small businesses become big businesses by measuring what matters.  

Data tells you which copy is getting under your audience’s skin, which message is resonating with them, and which makes them hire you. 

You’re shooting blind if you’re not analyzing the data.  I don’t just write copy; I measure it, test it, and keep making incremental improvements so that you keep seeing better results.  

Happy Clients


Creative talent like Kari’s is rare. She has an amazing intuitive method of finding the message you are trying to deliver with an exceptional ability to arrange and polish your fragmented thoughts into the perfect phrases your readers will lean in to absorb.

Kari can not only put together an impressive written document together for your readers, she will arrange for ideal graphics that will balance your message out for all learning styles.

That may be all you need from her yet I assure you that in addition to her concrete deliverables, Kari will make you laugh along the way.

- Amy Brown



All useful stuff, some wit, zero spam. Worth your time, honest.


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