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If you’re a CONSULTANT


But you’re tired of HEARING CRICKETS

You’re in the RIGHT PLACE

Marketing for the knowledge economy


Does This Resonate with You?

Complex Offer

You have a complex or technical offer, or you produce intricate results for your clients.

Thought Leader in Training?

You roll your eyes at the words “thought leader,” but secretly you want to be one.

Control Freak Connoisseur

You want to participate in the process; you need someone to take your ideas and spin them into content gold.

Limp Website

You have a website that was expensive for what it is (or it’s just a tad bit embarrassing), and you want it to do more than be a digital paperweight.

Industry Evangelist

You’re an industry evangelist in spirit, and you want to be one in reality too, but you need a partner who can get the visibility you need.

Authority Potential

You have bigger plans – like authoring a book, doing keynotes, or conducting a masterclass – but you need a map to get there.

Then Hello! You’re going to like what we have to say.




You have a website.

You Need An Ecosystem.

Websites are like plants: Critical for any ecosystem, totally useless without soil, water, and air.

 Websites used to be touted as internet storefronts. You know: launching a website was the modern way of hanging out your shingle.

Now, what do you do when you go into stores? If you price-compare and order your stuff on Amazon, then you know that just getting visitors doesn’t necessarily mean sales.

Storefronts by their nature are commodity fronts.

Forget the storefront.  You don’t want to be a commodity. You don’t need Amazon-style price-shoppers.  

Let’s not act like a commodity. (And if your business IS like a commodity, let’s transform it.  Here’s how.)

Escape the commodity trap — form your own ecosystem.

An digital ecosystem has a bunch of features that all work together. Your marketing should do that.

But not every ecosystem looks the same.  A desert ecosystem doesn’t look like a rainforest. Your marketing doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.  In fact, we don’t want it to.  

You don’t have to be on every social media site, even if your competitors are.

You don’t have to have 30 different landing pages, even if your competitors seem to put a new one up every day.

You don’t have to make a 3 hour webinar.  Frankly, they don’t have the novelty that they used to.

When we create your ecosystem, we’ll start with the most important part: determining which kind of ecosystem your ideal client is going to gravitate to.

Building an oasis in the desert for rainforest monkeys is a waste of time and money. Those monkeys are thousands of miles away.

What are we talking about here? Some combination of these elements, stamped with your signature brand and style:

          • Organic posts

          • Google ads

          • Facebook ads

          • Linked in articles

          • Landing pages

          • Reels

          • Books

          • Public speaking

          • Keynotes

          • Webinars

          • Seminars

          • Direct mail

We pick the combo that’s right for your audience, and we get to work. As we create content, we keep track of what’s working best, and we tweak accordingly.

The key is, the pieces all need to work together. They need to make sense together, like a tapestry.

Are you thinking, “Sounds expensive?”

It sure is … If you do it the traditional way.  DFY (done-for-you) is expensive.  Coaching is a time suck.

We combine the agency, done-for-you style with 1:1 coaching and consulting into a DWY (done-with-you) model that gives you maximum input, has learning built-in, AND you leverage your time and your team’s in a way that works best for you.

Here’s the magical part.  When you do it right (and I’ll see to that), and when your marketing ecosystem matches the needs and expectations of your target audience,

your marketing transforms

from an expense to

an investment that

will crank out returns.

"Creative talent like Kari's is rare. She has an amazing intuitive method of finding the message you are trying to deliver with an exceptional ability to arrange and polish your fragmented thoughts into the perfect phrases your readers will lean in to absorb."

Amy, social strategist

"Kari does the job of about a dozen people on a project by asking direct questions, taking ownership and using her excellent writing and technology skills and extensive background. What many people would hire an army for, Kari just gets it done."

Marc, hypnotherapist

"Kari is a master of messaging and will help anyone who is privileged to work with her to get their truth out to the world and make their biggest mark with their life."

Kathleen, executive coach

"I utilized Kari for a speech writing project and she was excellent. I recommend Kari for any business writing needs or executive coaching."

Michael, logistics

"One of Kari's letters used for soliciting donations on behalf of a previous non-profit agency where I was employed doubled our donations year over year, which was an incredibly high bar to reach and well over what we anticipated. Highly recommend!"

Lucas, social services

“The most surprising thing about working with you was how personally invested you were in the process. You became a trusted friend, not just a vendor. It was a real relationship, and that was awesome.”

Lori, health and wellness marketing manager

“You couldn’t have been more thorough. It was obvious that you learned, read, paid attention, and did lots of research to understand our service.”

Caroline, cybersecurity marketing manager

“Everytime I send out a marketing email that you wrote, someone contacts us. It’s the most lucrative marketing activity we engage in.”

Jeff, executive coach


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